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The Berlin nightclub Ritter Butzke opens up temporarily to serve as a backdrop to a colourful, sparkling, extra everything editorial for Kaltblut Magazine, featuring the Iconic House of Saint Laurent. LaQuefa is sporting a Lena Quist Signature Catsuit in turquoise, and Chichi a Signature Bodysuit in green. 
House of Saint Laurent
Kaltblut Magazine House of Saint Laurent Lena Quist

Read the story and see the full editorial here!

Producer – Producer is Ariclenes A. Garcia AKA Laquefa St. Laurent
​Instagram​: @LaQuèfa_St_Laurent
Photography by Victor Hensel-Coe
Web: ​​ ​Instagram​: @MrHotshoe
Styling by Jakob Schaefer
Web: ​Instagram​: @JakobSchaefer_Style
Make-up by Eavan Derbyshire
Web: ​ / ​Instagram​: @eavandmakeup
Make-up by Jesper Lindgren – ​Instagram​: @JesperLindgren
Photography Assistance by Ceven Knowles – ​Instagram​: @cevenknowles
Photography Assistance by Nick DaRose – ​Instagram​: @nickdarose
Styling assistance by Sebastian Anderßen 

LaQuefa St. Laurent – ​Instagram​: @LaQuèfa_St_Laurent
Maraja St. Laurent – ​Instagram​: @sheraux
Rayos St. Laurent – ​Instagram:​ @rayos.saintlaurent
Crystal St. Laurent – ​Instagram​: @crystalsaintlaurent_
Mamba St. Laurent – ​Instagram​: @mamba_saintlaurent
Gentlebitch St. Laurent – ​Instagram​: @gentlebitch_
Antoine St. Laurent – ​Instagram​: @antony_franz
Mother Leo St. Laurent – ​Instagram​: @georginaleostlaurent
Overseer Yukiko St. Laurent – ​Instagram​: @sophieyukikosaint
Litchi St. Laurent – ​Instagram:​ @litchi_pomelo_saint.laurent
Christopher St. Laurent – ​Instagram​: @christopher.saintlaurent
Ria St. Laurent – ​Instagram​: @ria_saint_laurent
Chichi St. Laurent – ​Instagram​: @tzschiedem

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