It all began on a cold December day in Sweden, 2011. In a world where Instagram wasn’t yet a thing. The selfie obsession still a couple of years away from making its world debut. A fashion designer is creating an outfit for a party about to take place in the evening, without taking photos of every step of the way. Not even a photo of the premiere night of the first Signature Bodysuit survived.

What did survive was the memory of how well the spectacular gold creation was received. At a goth party with dresscode black nonetheless! So as a last-minute tweak the bodysuit was thrown into the spring/summer collection of 2012 and shown on the release fashion show. A photographer approached the designer after the show, asking to pull some pieces for her next photo shoot. That photographer was Amanda Stiverius, and the photo she took was instantly taken up by Vogue Italia’s new talent site PhotoVogue. From there it took off.

The Vogue Italia image by Amanda Stiverius.

Since then the bodysuit has gone through a few cosmetic changes; a change in material to a shattered-glass print and the neckline has moved up a few centimeters, but who doesn’t change a bit over the course of 8 years? 

      sexy gold bodysuit futuristic holographic gold bodysuit               

2012 vs 2019

Now the Signature Bodysuit has graced the pages of Vogue Paris, been on stage all over the world - from Tokyo to New York, and featured in numerous music videos and cirque acts. 

Arrojo NYC, 2014

Markie, Alia Tempora 2018

Quixotic Fusion, 2019

What started as a party outfit meant for a designer's private closet ended up shaping the future of an entire brand, and as the popularity of the bodysuit grew even further, more colours were added over the years. 

So began the story of the bodysuit that transformed the Lena Quist brand into the stage wear label it is today.