Welcome to the luxury rebellion

When you see a Lena Quist design you know it’s hers. The sharp shoulders. The lightning bolts or the alluring patchwork of perfect symmetry. The designs are oozing confidence with a rebellious flair.

The Lena Quist brand is not just about pretty clothing, it’s about a way of life, an attitude. It’s about making a loud and proud statement for people who are not afraid to claim their spotlight. It’s about individuality and self-expression. We want to empower you to express your individual style and to push the limits regardless of your gender, age, or size.

Dive into Lena's world of fashion, where heavy metal meets high fashion, and where the stage is your everyday runway. Whether you're a headbanger, a glitter enthusiast, or simply someone who refuses to conform, Lena Quist's designs beckon you to embrace your inner rockstar.


The Sweden Years: From Alt Fashion To High End Stage Wear


Glam Rock Galore

The brand is founded in 2006 in Malmö, Sweden, with Lena fresh out of fashion school. Heavily influenced by the underground glam rock scene, which is having its second coming with the “New Wave of Swedish Sleaze.” Massive hair, animal printed spandex and leather are all the rage.

From the start Lena had a passion for her craftsmanship and slow fashion, knowing that she wanted to be involved in every step of the creation of her designs.

When the first official collection is released in autumn 2007 the brand can already be found in stores across Sweden. Soon, Lena became the go-to designer for rock bands and their devoted fans worldwide, showcasing her electrifying collections from her hometown of Malmö to the stages of Copenhagen and London.


The Luxury Pivot

The desire to break new grounds and elevate her style made the pull towards luxury fashion a natural evolvement for Lena. Taking the raw, rebellious energy of alternative fashion and refining it with high-end materials and sewing techniques. With this transformation she didn’t abandon her roots; she’s embracing them in a new and opulent light.

Drawn into the enchanting performances and audacious artistry, the designer found inspiration in the modern circus's unapologetic extravagance, and a journey began to redefine the very essence of style on stage. With each design, the mission became clear: to weave the rebellious energy of rock 'n' roll with the mesmerizing allure of the modern circus, forging stage wear that defies convention and celebrates the extraordinary.


Berlin and the final transformation 

2014 - PRESENT

A New Aesthetic

In 2013, Lena packs her leather jackets and sparkly spandex, and sets her sights on the gritty, creative Mecca of Berlin, Germany. The move brings about more changes than just the location. Gone are the seasonal collections. Taking their place is Lena's Signature collection. 

The popular gold and black Art Deco Catsuit of 2012 inspires a new creative direction for the brand towards a futuristic glam rock aesthetic full of edgy geometric shapes. which have become synonymous with the Lena Quist brand. 

With this, the transformation to a luxury stage wear brand with focus on the entertainment industry is completed, with shows such as Eurovision Song Contest, Britain's Got Talent and The Masked Singer featuring the designs on their shows.


A passion for couture brings the Lena Quist Atelier to life. A high end collection of intricate patchwork designs cut and sewn in perfect symmetry with a big dose of attitude and sex appeal. An unapologtic claim to stardom.


The brand goes full circle when releasing the SHOWTIME collection. Glam rock reimagined for the 21st century and the modern rockstar.
Keeping the rebellious spirit of rock’ n’ roll alive!


"Why settle for ordinary when you can embrace extraordinary?"

“From the very beginning, my dream was to create designs that are truly special. Pieces that make you feel extraordinary when you wear them. I wanted them to be exclusive, infused with a soul, far from the mass-produced, faceless fashion that often dominates the industry. Fashion, in my eyes, goes beyond the superficial—it's a powerful means of self-expression and a tool to elevate the experience you want your audience to have. A killer outfit or costume can take your performance to new heights; it's the magic that happens when you feel like a million bucks in what you wear, and it radiates for all to see!”

Lena Quist was born in the small-town of Västervik on the Swedish East coast. She started her eponymous brand in Malmö, 2006, fresh out of fashion school. 2013 she relocated to Berlin, Germany, which is still her home base.