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Turquoise Holographic Catsuit | Ocean Blue Futuristic Dance Costume
XSSMLXLXS + HoodS + HoodM + HoodL + HoodXL + Hood

Signature Catsuit, Turquoise

€325,00 €375,00
This stunning holographic catsuit is a fabulous turquoise colour. It is perfect for creating a fantasy costume for Halloween, Burning Man, or your next stage performance. The stretchy spandex material...
Red Holographic Catsuit | Luxury Designer Catsuit
XSSMLXLXS + HoodS + HoodM + HoodL + HoodXL + Hood

Signature Catsuit, Red

€325,00 €375,00
Our seductive red catsuit makes a magnificent sexy devil costume for Halloween. This outfit is created with tight fitting stretchy spandex that moves comfortably with your body. Whether you are...
Holographic Pink Catsuit | Luxury Designer Catsuit
XSSMLXLXS + HoodS + HoodM + HoodL + HoodXL + Hood

Signature Catsuit, Pink

€325,00 €375,00
Pink & party perfect; this piece of eye-candy is a sterling way to enter the party! Comes in holographic pink spandex, which stretches four ways and perfectly follows the line...
Holographic Green Catsuit | Poison Ivy Costume
XSSMLXLXS + HoodS + HoodM + HoodL + HoodXL + Hood

Signature Catsuit, Green

€325,00 €375,00
Great for a Poison Ivy or Mermaid costume, this green catsuit is comfortable and functional. With 4-way stretch, the spandex fabric allows complete movement without feeling too tight or binding....
Holographic White Catsuit | Futuristic Wedding Catsuit
XSSMLXLXS + HoodS + HoodM + HoodL + HoodXL + Hood

Signature Catsuit, White

€325,00 €375,00
Turn heads with this sparkling white outfit. This gorgeous holographic catsuit features three-quarter length sleeves with a puffy point at the shoulders. Slip into this sexy costume for your next...
Black Holographic Catsuit | Futuristic Circus Costume
XSSMLXLXS + HoodS + HoodM + HoodL + HoodXL + Hood

Signature Catsuit, Black

€325,00 €375,00
This sleek black catsuit features a dazzling holographic material that will surely turn heads. It is perfect for your next stage performance. The 4-way stretch fabric hugs your body, yet...
Black Holographic Bodysuit With Pointy Puff Sleeves

Signature Bodysuit, Black

This black beauty will take your powers of seduction to the next level! Made from high quality spandex that stretches four ways and provides a flawless fit that highlights every...
Gold Holographic Hood | Rave Festival Hood

Holographic Hood

Welcome to the hood –of holographic! This lustrous piece will give any look that little extra touch of sparkle. It’s made from high quality 4-way stretch spandex and comes in...
Black Snake Print Leggings | Metallic High Waist Leggings | Berlin Berghain Fashion

Black Mamba High Waist Leggings

Feeling the need for a fresh take on your loyal pair of black leggings? If so, these high waist metallic leggings in a shiny snake print are just the thing....
Black Mamba Metallic Snake Print Crop Top

Black Mamba Crop Top

A black crop top may sound perfectly ordinary, but this one is anything but. Made of 4-way stretch fabric covered in a metallic snake print, this piece was destined for...
Metallic Black Snake Print Spandex Top | Black Mamba Tank Top

Black Mamba Tank Top

In an ultramodern metallic snake print, this sleeveless black top can be worn for fitness or fashion. 4-way stretch fabric conforms to your body so you can be your sexy,...
Black Mamba Snake Print Cheeky Hotpants | Sexy Pole Dance Shorts

Black Mamba Cheeky Hotpants

What’s sexier than cheeky black hotpants? Metallic snake-patterned black hotpants! With built-in 4-way stretch, this versatile pair of hotpants is as comfortable as they come and perfect for barre workouts,...
Egyptian Goddess Cape Top | Couture Stage Costume

Anubis Cape Top

This spectacular costume features a cropped sleeveless top with an attached cape. Created from a total of 71 fabric pieces, this outfit is first sewn by hand before being machine...
Sheer Mesh & Gold Holographic Bell Bottom Leggings

Anubis High Waist Leggings

Rock the stage in these sexy gold and black mesh pants. These floor length flare leggings have perfect 4-way stretch to allow you to perform with no interference. Crafted by...
Rockstar Cleopatra Gown | Gold & Turquoise Red Carpet Dress

Rockstar Cleopatra Gown

This extravagant gown is one that will turn heads on the red carpet. This gorgeous dress is handmade from 54 pieces of fabric in holographic gold and turquoise. These pieces...
Gold Black Mesh Bodysuit With Train | Luxury Stage Costume

Bastet Bodysuit w. Train

Indulge in the opulence of this handmade masterpiece, crafted from 61 meticulously assembled pieces of fabric. Inspired by the Egyptian goddess Bastet, this bodysuit is a symphony of luxury and...
Egyptian Goddess Dance Costume | Holographic & Sheer Bodysuit

Goddess Isis Bodysuit

You will look amazing in this tight fitting, gold holographic bodysuit! It’s perfect for your next aerial competition or burning man festival. With its 4-way stretch, you will be comfortable...
Gold Black Mesh Catsuit | Luxury Designer Catsuit

Art Deco Catsuit

Slip into this super sexy catsuit and hit the stage! This art deco inspired costume will turn all heads your way. Created from 48 pieces of fabric, this bodysuit is...
Gold Luxury Designer Catsuit | Futuristic Stage Costume

Space Alien Catsuit, Gold

This glittering creation will immediately command attention from your audience as you step onto the stage. Whether you are singing, dancing, or performing an aerial act, you will be comfortable...
Holographic Silver & Black Mesh Catsuit | Futuristic Luxury Fashion

Space Alien Catsuit, Silver

This futuristic catsuit has three quarter sleeves and ankle length legs. It is created in holographic silver,  gunmetal metallic spandex and black mesh. The catsuit is lined in the bust...
Futuristic Bridal Catsuit | Holographic White & Mesh Catsuit

Space Bride Catsuit

Command the attention of everyone when you appear on stage in this elegant white catsuit. This high fashion bodysuit features ankle length legs, no sleeves and a deep V cut...
Black Luxury Designer Catsuit | Stage Costume

Bride of Darkness Catsuit

This dazzling black on black catsuit is sure to hold everyone’s attention as you step onto the stage to perform. It is designed with matte black spandex, holographic black spandex...
Luxury Designer Circus Costume | Red Metallic & Mesh Catsuit

Mars Bride Catsuit

Elevate your stage presence to a realm of luxury and allure with this exquisite red-hot costume. Crafted for the rockstar seeking the finest, this sleeveless, ankle-length catsuit combines metallic red...
Rockstar Cleopatra Matching Set | Egyptian Queen Costume

Rockstar Cleopatra Matching Set

Stand out in the crowd! The sleeveless cropped top is beautifully designed in black mesh with holographic gold and turquoise colours. The bust is carefully lined. The cheeky high-waisted hotpants...

Please remember that this is a small business you're shopping from. Every single piece is handmade. Please refrain from buying a large amount of designs with the intent of returning most of them from the beginning.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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